Guest performers


Guest nights at Bideford start at 8 pm unless it says otherwise below – we advise you to arrive at 7:30 or thereabouts to be sure of a seat.  They finish between 10:30 and 11.  There’s no singaround on guest nights, support performers are invited in advance by the MC for the evening.

We don’t charge for tickets but we do pass the box round – please consider how much you might pay for a public concert and then contribute at least the cost of a drink.  All club events are financed by the collections taken each week.


October 6th Sally Ironmonger & Brian Carter

ironmonger carter

Sally and Brian have been writing songs and performing for more than twenty years. They have a quirky and distinctive style, most of their songs are self-penned about anything from prostitutes to seaside trips. Sally sings, accompanied by Brian’s impeccable guitar playing.

Sally Ironmonger and Brian Carter put on a brilliant show, firmly rooted in the folk music tradition, but including some hints of jazz and blues and other genres. Mostly self-penned, their songs were moving and funny and quite catchy.
Most of all, they were fun and joyous entertainers”
(Richard Death, Stratford Sub Castle, February 2019) 

Sally & Brian performing “Metalwork”

Sally & Brian’s website


March 23rd Lynne Heraud &Pat Turner

Lynne & Pat

Individually, and in combination with a variety of well-known singers and bands, Lynne Heraud and Pat Turner have both served long apprenticeships on the shop-floor of folk music.
Between them they play guitar, recorder, English concertina and a variety of whistles (including swanee, policeman’s and referee’s), list a spoons workshop in their hall of fame, and are not in the least averse to dressing up or dancing when a song requires it.  They both agree, however, that their voices are their most important instruments. Their resulting style is a unique blend of stunning song and harmony, and a humour which takes their audience on a roller-coaster ride – “everything from high tragedy to ingenious smut in glorious vocal harmony!”

Another great evening at the Everyman last night with the immeasurably entertaining Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner. Their stunning harmonies and modest accompaniment were present throughout. Skillful renditions of traditional and self-penned serious material were balanced perfectly with a selection of their own outrageous and ingenious comic songs, many inspired by being Ladies Of A Certain Age.
Everyman Folk Club

Lynne and Pat Singing “The North Wind”

Lynne and Pat’s website

May 11th Nick Dow


Nick Dow has been singing traditional Folk Songs for over Forty years. He has had a big influence on the Folk scene and most recently award winning English Folk Musician Jim Moray has quoted Nick as an influence singing two songs from his repertoire and including one {Seven Long Years} on his latest album ‘Skulk’
Nick is an acknowledged expert on West Country folk song.

Nick on YouTube

Nick’s Facebook page

June 29th Bob Fox


 Bob has maintained a successful career as a solo folk performer for over 30 years. During the 1990s, together with Benny Graham he developed a multi-media show documenting the coal mining communities of Durham and Northumberland, which led to the CD “How Are You Off For Coals”, featuring a selection of mining songs. In 2006 Bob, along with a range of other top UK folk artists, was involved in providing performances for the 2006 Radio Ballads commissioned by BBC Radio, and in 2009 he performed in the part of “Songman” in the highly acclaimed West End production of War Horse which played in the West End for 18 months and was subsequently toured for another eighteen months around Britain, Ireland and South Africa.[3] Scholar Anthony Ashbolt describes Fox as “possessing one of the best folk-singing voices in England and he evokes the world of the miners and, in general, the songs of the northeast, with power and clarity.”

Bob singing “Waters of Tyne” and “Big River”

Bob’s Website

20th July – Pete Coe

Pete is no stranger to Bideford Folk Club – we are delighted to have him back.
Pete has been a professional musician since 1971, playing at festivals concerts, clubs, dances & schools throughout Britain, Europe, Asia, New Zealand & USA . During the ‘70s he toured and recorded with Chris Coe, was a member of the legendary New Victory Band & with Nic Jones, Tony Rose and again, Chris Coe, he was a member of Bandoggs. In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s he toured and recorded with Red Shift but since 1985 he’s mainly worked as a soloist & earned an enviable reputation.

Pete’s website

Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer POSTPONED UNTIL 2024

Vicky plays  nyckelharpa (Swedish Keyed fiddle), vocals, flute, assorted bagpipes. Johnny plays guitars, accordion, cowhorn, and sometimes harpsichords.
Vicky and Jonny play both traditional and contemporary material, much of it self-penned and are well-known for their polished performances and easy rapport with the audience.

Vicki and Jonny on YouTube

Vicky and Jonny’s website

September 21st John Conolly

We look forward to welcoming an old friend back to Bideford. John Conolly is probably best known as the man who wrote “Fiddlers Green” back in the sixties and still sung and loved today. John grew up in Grimsby where both his grandfather and great-grandfather were shipwrights. As the fishing industry declined John began his songwriting based on the lives of those who sailed and worked on the fishing fleet.

John is a fine player of both guitar and melodeon and a great entertainer.

John singing “The Grimsby Lads”

John’s website

October 12th Bruce Watson

We first saw Bruce at Bideford about four years ago and are delighted to welcome him back on his first UK tour since the lockdowns. Bruce is based in Melbourne, he performs around Australia and internationally at festivals, clubs and other venues.
Bruce writes nearly all of his own material both the serious stuff and some very funny songs indeed

Bruce’s website

Bruce’s showreel on YouTube