Virtual Folk Club – Help

Here’s what you need to know:

1) Use your iPhone or smartphone camera to video your performance.
When you have the video displaying but not running, click on the   “export/share” icon (box with upwards arrow on iPhones & iPads, horizontal “V” with three blobs on Android devices) and either email it to me or post to YouTube and send me the link.

If you don’t have a YouTube account you can log in to YouTube with Facebook,  Google or create a new account.


2) If you have a video camera that records on an SD card or similar then shoot your video, when done take the SD card, pop it in your computer, transfer the file to your hard drive and email or post to YouTube. Let me know it’s there.

3) To send links to YouTube or anywhere else for that matter just use copy and paste on your computer in the usual way or use “export/share” on your smartphone or tablet as above.

4) SoundCloud can be used to store and play soundfiles transferred from your computer. Log in with Facebook, Google or create an account as you wish.

I can offer help on home recording with a computer – too long to post here, email if interested.

Email me if you are having problems. Some long hi-res video files may be too big to email in which case click here   to access dropbox,com and then click on “choose from computer”. Follow the on-screen instructions to transfer a file from your computer in the usual way. Dropbox doesn’t notify me so please email me so that I know the file is there!

Privacy. Basically anything on the Club website is visible to the public. I can stop YouTube from making videos available to search engines and have done so but they have to be accessible from the Club website. Or to put it more bluntly, if you dont want people to see it then best not to post it.