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31st March

Lorraine and Paul have just sent in a batch of three videos. Great stuff
The Lorry Ride
Mae Morris
Baby You Make My Day

Not to be outdone here’s three from me, John P. (Dig the rhyming there!)
Got the Blues and I Cant Be Satisfied
Down & Out Blues
Steal Away

1st April

It’s all gone quiet again! here’s a favourite of mine Sam Stone

An original piece from John W I Shall Dance Again

2nd April

Recorded a little banjo medley in G for you to sing or play along to Medley in G

3rd April

Where is everybody – surely the banjo didn’t drive you away! Hope not ‘cos here’s some more: The Cuckoo

4th April

Here’s the answers to Ian C’s Folk Quiz

Danny liked this Bohemian Rhapsody parody

A bit of bottleneck from me: Walkin’ Blues

Here’s Ian C with a Steve Knightley song : Where There’s A Will.

5th April

Mike L thought you might find the Folk on Foot festival interesting Folk on Foot

6th April

Andy A has suggested 3 songs from Jimmy Aldridge and sid Goldsmith that you may like:
The Cottager’s Reply
The Cuckoo
The L&N Don’t Stop Here Anymore

Another offering from me: Waltzing’s for Dreamers.

Ian C has been playing with his looper Looper Loo’s

7th April

I’ve been playing with the Beast with two necks Lap Steel Medley

8th April

Here’s a John Prine song for you Donald & Lydia

9th April

And a bit more Richard Thompson Vincent 1952

A great pair of tunes from Mike L
Lady Myrtle’s Chase
Scarborough Fair

10th April

Mike J has sent us two more songs
Sister Josephine
The Lodger

Me again. This is a minor blues. Well actually it’s in F minor not A minor. Come to think of it it’s quite important and well-known in the blues canon so it’s a bit daft to call it minor but then again it’s not major. St James Infirmary Blues

Some rural silliness from Martyn The Tractor Song

11th April

Further lunacy from Martyn Another One Rides the Bus

12th April

A bit of Blind Blake for you on a Sunday afternoon Police Dog Blues

13th April

Here’s one from Danny New York Gals

14th April

This one from John B who describes it as a Beautiful, sensitive song.

Here’s a couple of waltzes from me:
Gumtree Canoe
Cora is Gone

15th April

A nice piece from Ian C John Harrison’s Hands

16th April

A couple of gems found by John B
Favourite Things
Do Re Me


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