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17th March

John B liked this from Pam Ayres Dad’s Swimming Costume

18th March

Ian C has sent us Margarita

Here’s a great favourite of mine Midnight Hour Blues

One from Martyn The Sweetest Maid

19th March

Bit of banjo for you Why You Been Gone so Long

20th March

John B liked this scitillating daftness. it’s samples from an album (unless you care to pay for it) John recommends “I’m Looney” and “Fruit Loopy”  Buddy Wasisname & the Other Fellas

I’m getting a bit out of practice with my jazz stuff so I thought I’d inflict some on you. There may well be more later. Sweet Lorraine
There was more Stormy Weather

Your webmaster says – there’s been no feedback on this site for two weeks. How about a bit of encouragement eh?  Feedback on Page 1

21st March

Here’s one of my favourites from Danny Last Trip Home

22nd March

A nice parody from Danny’s son NIck who works as a nurse in Guernsey Staying Home

Rupert has sent us a song and a couple of playlists of tunes Poverty Knock
Tunes for Viola  Fiddle Tunes

24th March

Danny recorded this Eric Bogle song for us appropriately as it’s Anzac Day tomorrow
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

25th March

Got my 12-string out for a go at an old favourite San Francisco Bay Blues

26th March

Me again, here’s an old Tommy Johnson blues Canned Heat

Two from Lorraine and Paul, the first one was written by our late friend Malcolm
Search for the Fish
Sailor Home From the Sea   (Martyn Wyndham-Reed tune and Dorothy Hewitt words

30th March

Here’s a music hall song that I learnt from my Grandad The Old Dun Cow

5th May

Here’s a bit of silliness for you Canine Eneuretic

15th May

Here’s Danny with The Beaver Song

17th May

Not posted for a while so here’s a couple for you  Dead Skunk      Careless love

28th July

Dave Mason from Cincinnati sent us this.

17th August

Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer sent us “What if my Pockets Were Empty”

9th December

Got an email from Paul Columbino in Wakefield – some lovely fingerstyle guitar, an original piece.

16th March

Got another email from Paul Columbino in Wakefield – excellent stuff Paul

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